Reactive Intermediates

In-situ production of Grignard reagents with continuous process control

Since its discovery more than 100 years ago, the synthesis of Grignard reagents and their conversion with a variety of organic molecules such as ketones and aldehydes has been one of the most effective methods of C-C bond formation. In the synthesis of the top 50 active pharmaceutical ingredients, in about 10 percent of the synthetic pathways one Grignard reaction or more can be found.

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The actual Grignard reagent formation represents a reaction that can immensely benefit from a continuous process. This is mainly due to the following aspects:

  • Novel Process Window - large magnesium excess to suppress unwanted side reactions such as Wurtz coupling,
  • improved heat transfer, no runaway of the reaction,
  • continuous supply of magnesium,
  • integrated magnesium activation,
  • integrated process control,
  • inline analytics via IR measurements.
Grignard pilot reactor
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Grignard pilot reactor

Offer to our customers

It is the ultimate objective of our work to produce reactive intermediates like Grignard reagents in a continuous process in-situ. We can detect them inline, check their quality and in a second step, we can convert them directly into the desired product. For this purpose, we use the following reactors and setups:

  • Laboratory reactor setup
    • Throughput: depending on the Grignard reagent 0.5-5 ml/min
    • Temperature range: 10-60 °C
    • Magnesium: turnings
  • Pilot reactor setup
    • Throughput: depending on the Grignard reagent 5-50 ml/min
    • Temperature range: 10-60 ° C
    • Magnesium: turnings with integrated continuous replenishing

With our reactors and setups we have already synthesized the following Grignard reagents:

  • 1M and 2M PhMgBr in THF ,
  • 1M EtMgBr in THF,
  • 1M AllylMgBr in THF.

Whether you are interested in the production of various reactive intermediates or you want to go one or another step further with us, we will find a solution together.