Heating and Cooling Management

Highly efficient heat transfer thanks to microstructured components

microstructured heat exchanger plates
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Microstructured heat exchanger plates

Microstructured components allow a highly efficient heat transfer at low pressure drop.

Offer to our customers

We have developed a portfolio of laser welded and brazed heat exchangers which permit very high operating temperatures and pressures. They can be applied for heat transfer between gas flows as well as for evaporation and condensation processes.

"We optimize the compactness and efficiency of your heating and cooling management solutions"

In addition, we have the technology for heating / evaporation of gases and liquids by means of electrical energy. Even in our test and pilot plants we use electric heating components being developed in-house. Depending on the application, we can realize heat exchanger components for operating temperatures between -250 °C and 950 °C. The maximum gas flow rate depends on the specified pressure drop and can be up to several 100 m3 per hour. Typical parameters are heat-transfer capacities up to 100 kW and specific heat exchange surfaces up to 2,400 m2 / m3.

Whether you want to increase the efficiency of a process or you want to explore new horizons together with us, we are the right partner.