Oil Sensor Technology

Compact and robust sensors for condition monitoring

Viscosity sensor for oil
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Viscosity sensor for oil

In many areas, such as in ship’s engines, wind turbines or landfill gas engines, real-time monitoring of the lubricant or gear oil is essential to control the condition of the oil and the operating status of the machine. Doing so, engine or transmission failure can be prevented, downtimes can be minimized and, thereby, operating expenses can also be reduced.

„We minimize the effort for your condition monitoring“

For this purpose and based on various spectroscopic, chemical and physical processes, we develop miniaturized online sensors, which are characterized by a high degree of integration, high robustness and low cost.

Our existing portfolio:

  • Multiparameter oil sensor (water, TBN, oxidation, soot),
  • magnetostrictive pin-based online viscosity sensor,
  • laboratory color index measuring system for automated color index determination,
  • online titration chip for TAN-determination
  • measuring device for determining the asphaltene content in crude oils
  • MEMS-based density sensor.

Typical measurement parameters and accuracies (Multiparameter oil sensor):


Measuring range


Water content

100-5000 ppm

+/- 100 ppm


0-1 A/cm

+/- 0,05 A/cm


0-20 mg KOH/g

+/- 1 mg KOH/g

Soot content

0-2 %

+/- 0,01 %


Offer to our customers

We support our partners from the idea via simulation, through the implementation of functional models, up to pilot series production or technology transfer. In addition, we realize laboratory equipment for special measurement tasks. Besides the monitoring of high-quality lubricating oils, we have experience in the on-site analysis of crude oils with regard to asphaltene content, TAN value, thiophen content, viscosity and density. For these measurements, we have developed laboratory instruments as well as total analysis systems, which allow a fast, simultaneous measurement with a disposable microfluidic chip in portable devices.

Our range of services includes:

  • Reference measurements with laboratory spectrometers (UV-VIS, FTIR, Raman, refractometry),
  • design of optical cells and flow cells,
  • electronics and data processing, including data transmission,
  • miniaturized spectral and MEMS-based sensors,
  • prototype and pilot production,
  • technology transfer to industrial partners.

Whether you want to improve an existing system or you are looking for a new process solution, we are ready to support you.