Hydrogen Technology

Use of microstructured components increases system efficiency

The reforming process in which fossil or regenerative fuels can be converted, generates a mixture of carbon oxides and hydrogen (reformate). If you want to convert the hydrogen which is contained in the reformate to electric energy in fuel cells, in most cases the carbon monoxide has to be removed from the synthesis gas. This can be achieved by chemical conversion (water-gas-shift and preferential oxidation) or, alternatively, by separation techniques such as membrane separation or pressure swing adsorption.

„We enhance the efficiency of your compact energy supply units.“

We develop complete fuel processors based on microstructured plate heat exchanger technology. Project-related we already worked on solutions for the hybrid transport of cryogenic fuels, electric current and data in an innovative, thermally super-insulated umbilical cable. The high energy density of liquid hydrogen generally comes along with very small cross sections and limited flow rates. For the system components and the assembly of decentralized energy infrastructure systems this suggests the application and further development of microstructured components.

Offer to our customers

Our development efforts thereby comprise the conception and integration of system components including process control, testing up to the pilot scale and - depending on the task - even the development of stable catalysts for the individual steps of the fuel processor. Additionally, we care for all aspects of production technology for the components. You have the choice:

  • Use of all conventional and regenerative fuels such as natural gas, methanol, ethanol, liquid gas, gasoline and diesel, but also polyalcohols which occur as by-products in biodiesel production or which are used as cooling agents in applications such as aerospace,
  • coverage of the performance range of 100 W up to 100 kW+,
  • coverage of the temperature range of -250 to 950 °C.

Regardless if you want to increase the efficiency of your systems or you want to strike out in a new direction in the fields of energy production and storage - together we will find the appropriate solution for you.

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