About Us

Based on existing societal challenges and driven by sustainable development goals Fraunhofer IMM focusses the majority of the workforce as R&D service provider, across the divisions ENERGY, CHEMISTRY and DIAGNOSTICS, on the topics of CLEAN ENERGY, SUSTAINABILITY and HEALTH. Thereby we rely on our fundamental core competencies in MATERIALS, TECHNOLOGIES, PROCESSES and ENGINEERING.

Following our roots, we apply fundamental processes based on microstructure technology wherever they are target-oriented.

Core competencies

The MATERIALS competence comprises our very profound knowledge about chemical and biological compounds, their utilization and synthesis, their properties and their potential application fields. It includes our knowledge about materials, their properties and processing as well as their suitability for various applications.

The TECHNOLOGIES competence comprises our very profound knowledge about machining, processing, detection and analytical methods. It includes decades of experience in optimized operation parameters as well as suitable application scenarios for each of these technologies.

The PROCESSES competence comprises our ability to perform the translation of concepts into devices or entire systems essentially required for fulfilling any single kind of operation. It is about our application related knowledge of processes in various disciplines as well as our ability to perform the physical construction work.

The ENGINEERING competence comprises our higher-level engineering abilities used to initiate, design, develop, fabricate and realize a process or system reaching the required level of integration, functionality and complexity.

Very similar to the organic bases of the DNA the unique combination of these core competencies makes us what we are and allows us to provide our customers and partners with system and technology oriented innovations, solutions that contribute to their competitiveness and provide value for their businesses.

Strategic research topics

The CLEAN ENERGY topic translates into solutions for hydrogen-based energy supply, power-to-chemicals, ammonia utilization and radiation monitoring.

The SUSTAINABILITY topic translates into solutions for flow chemistry-based process intensification, decentralized production concepts for chemicals, environmental monitoring and process monitoring.

The HEALTH topic translates into solutions for infection diagnostics, liquid biopsy and single cell analysis, biological media analysis and nanoparticle systems for therapeutic and diagnostic as well as industrial applications.