OPEN HOUSE Autumn 2016

Microfluidic Analysis Systems and Miniaturized Sensors

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Welcome to Fraunhofer ICT-IMM in Mainz

Our scientists carry out research and development within the key competences Decentralized and Mobile Energy Technology, Continuous Chemical Process Engineering (Flow Chemistry), Microfluidic Analysis Systems, Medical Sensors and Technical Sensor Systems and Microtechnology for Nanoparticles.

The knowledge we gain and the developments which evolve from these fields are applied in the business areas Energy and Environment; Chemistry, Process Technology and Aviation and Aerospace; Biomedical Analytics and Diagnostics and Security as well as Industrial Analytics Applications.

We build a bridge between basic research and application, because our developments pass through the institute beginning from the idea to the basic and application-oriented research to the point of their realization into custom built and market-ready results.