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Launch of a new H2020 project aiming to incite a transition to a more flexible and sustainable chemistry by taking novel integrated upstream and downstream processing paths involving flow chemistry and membrane technology in two chemo-enzymatic processes to an industrial level.

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PITBUL fights tuberculosis

International research project aims to develop a fast and reliable point-of-care test system for tuberculosis.

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Fields of Research at Fraunhofer IMM

Our scientists are engaged in research and development in the two fields of Energy and Chemical Technology (processes, reactors, plants) and Analysis Systems and Sensors (methods, components, systems). We organize our competencies in these two pillars according to the priorities Sustainable Economy and Energy, Healthy Living, Intelligent Mobility and Civil Security. With our system and technology oriented innovations we contribute to the competitiveness of our customers and partners. In doing so, we stand for responsible handling of new technologies and for sustainable development to benefit private and public enterprise as well as society.


Energy and Chemical Technology

"We improve the reliability and efficiency of compact material and energy conversion systems as well as of decentralized, mobile power supply units."


Analysis Systems and Sensors

“We combine and integrate fluidic elements and sensors in intelligent systems, thus, creating new fields of application.”

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