Water Analysis

Chip-based microanalysis allows for the simultaneous determination of several parameters

Legionella chip
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Legionella chip

Water analyses, especially in public infrastructures, often follow strict legal regulations. Furthermore, they are playing an increasingly important role in private households. In certain cases, a variety of parameters need to be monitored carefully and simultaneously. The results should be preferably fast and reproducible, and in the ideal case application errors should be largely eliminated. All those advantages are offered by microfluidic analysis systems which additionally reduce the consumption of chemicals to a minimum and allow for previously unaccessible measurements on-site or in-line. With their integrated data evaluation and transfer they become a more and more powerful tool for modern environment analysis.

„We increase the compactness of your established processes and, thus, bring you to the place of action”

Our fully integrated microfluidic analysis systems based on the Lab-on-a-Chip concept offer a fast, reliable and cost-saving way for this purpose. Within these portable system solutions, we combine many individual steps required for analysis carried out in laboratory or on-site, to an automated and optimized integrated process. It starts with sample collection and ends with output of the result. They offer numerous application possibilities regarding quality assurance of production processes in industrial companies and monitoring of guidelines and recommended limit values, e.g. in surface water, fish farming water, public swimming baths or private households. The control of the pathogen number and the cell counting in public baths certainly are particularly relevant application examples.

We have many years of experience in the development of microfluidic analysis systems. Our existing portfolio includes:

  • Fully automated ion analysis,
  • measurement of turbidity and conductivity,
  • on-line micro titrator for process control,
  • legionella and cell number determination,
  • automated preparation of complex samples.

Offer to our customers

Based on your individual requirements we develop tailor-made solutions for you which go far beyond the state-of-the-art. We know the regulations (e.g. IVD-, CE-, machinery directive), possess the key manufacturing methods on-site and benefit from excellently equipped application laboratories. Our interdisciplinary team with unique expertise in microfluidic system development as well as our profound know-how in manufacturing and validation of microfluidic analysis systems guarantees you both, efficiency in development and later implementation.

  • Feasibility studies of complex analysis processes including optimization,
  • implementation of the application idea through to the proof of functionality,
  • development of the required microfluidic modules,
  • buildup of functional, automated demonstrators up to pilot series,
  • development and manufacture of electrodes und sensors for in-line and on-line analysis,
  • chemical and electromechanical validation of the complete system.

Whether you want to bring a stationary detection system to the place of action or you want to establish analyses that have not been possible so far, together we will find the appropriate solution.