Exhaust Gas Purification

Modular and stationary exhaust gas cleaning, catalytic combustion

In order to clean exhaust gases from industrial processes as well as from individual emissions, many different processes are implemented. The goal of all purification processes is the decontamination of exhaust gases from polluting and unhealthy substances, and hence, keeping our breathing air clean.

„We shape your processes to make them more environmentally friendly“

Catalytic exhaust gas purification is used for example in every modern car. The comparatively low energy requirement for the chemical reactions of these exhaust gas purification processes is a huge advantage. At the same time, the sensibility of the catalyst to contaminations and so-called catalyst poisons must be taken into account.

Alu reactor for exhaust gas cleaning
© Fraunhofer IMM
Alu reactor for exhaust gas cleaning

Offer to our customers

We meet tasks concerning exhaust gas purification by individually customized solutions. We count on catalytic processes that include integrated cooling functions and highly efficient, tailored heat exchangers to control exothermic processes. This allows to improve the heat management of the dynamic operation of automotive exhaust gas purification systems. In the field of fuel processing technology we have particular expertise in eliminating carbon monoxide out of the reformate flow via

  • water-gas shift,
  • preferential (selective) oxidation of carbon monoxide,
  • selective methanation,

as well as in the elimination of critical (toxic) substances out of exhaust gas flow by catalytic combustion.

We have considerable knowledge of robust, long-term stable catalyst technology and have extensive knowhow and experience when it comes to reactor design (also on the kW scale) and the integration of the reactors into complete fuel processors.

Whether you need exhaust gas purification for a newly established process or you want to make an existing purification process more effective and efficient, we look forward to supporting you.