Detection Systems for Biological Contaminations

Compact, automated systems for the use in storage facilities or production plants

As a result of globalization, mankind is facing ever growing challenges. The worldwide network of transport and the associated storage in ever larger facilities implies an increased potential for contaminations. Contamination by microorganisms or toxins might also occur in the production of food or various consumer products (paints, adhesives etc.). Besides the standard detection systems, responsible authorities are increasingly using portable systems for on-site analysis.

"We speed up your biological analysis methods"

With our in-house developments, we are able to cover a broad range of user requirements. Speed, reliability, safety, accuracy and robustness - these are the main parameters which we are able to adjust according to our customers’ needs.

Our existing portfolio for the detection of biological contaminations includes:

  • Miniaturized flow cytometry for the detection of legionella in drinking water,
  • system for nucleic acid detection of pathogens and other biological contaminations,
  • system for the detection of aflatoxins in cereals,
  • system for the detection of gluten in food.
Microfluidic system for gluten detection
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Microfluidic system for gluten detection

Offer to our customers

Thanks to our extensive expertise in the field of system development, we can easily adapt existing systems to address new issues and areas of application. Due to our broad portfolio of various systems, it is possible to quickly integrate a new assay. Thereby, we realize the complete development of your system from one source.

  • We adapt your assay to an automated or microfluidic environment and develop, if necessary, a new assay for your analytical question.
  • We develop and optimize customized detection assays as well as overall systems for monitoring production and storage sites.

Whether you are dealing with the detection of local contaminations or you require rapid analytics in danger of a pandemic spread, we will find a solution together.