Fascinating Microtechnology - Join Us in Shaping the Future!

When small things make a big difference, we are often the ones making it happen. Who are we? The staff of the Fraunhofer IMM. Our passion: taking on technical challenges, searching for solutions - and finding them.

Every day, we tackle the demanding assignments that confront us in national and international projects, searching for the best possible result.
Our interdisciplinary research and development teams combine the knowledge and skills of physicists, chemists, biologists, engineers, technicians, lab technicians and administrative staff. So we can develop technologies today that set new standards tomorrow. Our successful teamwork is what spurs us on - and what makes us reliable partners for not only industrial customers but also respected research institutions worldwide.
To put it in a nutshell: we build hightech bridges between science and day-to-day business, between ideas and applications..

And now it's your turn…

to help us shape the technological future – with your ideas, problem-solving skills and inner drive.
Each new exciting and interesting project will renew your motivation to contribute your creativity to a team, while developing and pursuing your own innovative ideas. We are quick to delegate responsibility to you for specific assignments.

Whether you have just graduated from a post-secondary educational institution or are experienced, we will bring you up to speed on current and future subjects with on-the-job training, seminars and further education.

A pleasant atmosphere where you will feel comfortable and colleagues you can depend on are waiting for you.

Flexible working hours? Work-life balance? Company pension plan? Of course we offer them all!

Please apply exclusively online via our applicant portal!

If you have any questions, please contact our human resources group at +49 6131 990-191.