Fuel Processors

Microtechnology enables the development of compact and efficient systems

Hydrogen is an important source element in industrially relevant synthesis and fabrication processes, but it additionally has a considerable role as energy carrier in the energy sector. In the context of fuel cell systems hydrogen is tested and applied in the automotive and marine sector but also for portable power supply solutions for applications such as electronic devices and camping as well as for small power stations. Fuel processors are required for the production of hydrogen out of fossil and regenerative fuels.

„We optimize your material and energy conversion systems”

The integration of the single components into a completely thermally integrated fuel processor is a critical step on the road to a marketable product. Compactness, maximum efficiency and short start-up times are important goals during the development process.

250 W LPG fuel processing system
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250 W LPG fuel processing system

Offer to our customers

In the field of fuel preparation and synthesis we develop, together with and for our customers and partners, complete solutions from the lab to pilot scale and even further to production scale. Our expertise comprises:

  • Aspen modelling of the process,
  • optimization of heat integration,
  • design of the reactors and peripheral components (such as evaporators, heat exchangers, condensers),
  • layout or selection of the reactors and components (such as evaporators, heat exchangers, condensers, pumps, blowers, valves),
  • construction of the reactors and components,
  • manufacturing of the prototypes or pilot series respectively,
  • integration of the complete system,
  • tests on single components,
  • development of the system control,
  • tests on the complete system up to pilot scale.

We complement and support this work with our expertise in catalyst development and a manufacturing technology which is suitable for series production.

Regardless whether you simply want to increase the compactness of your systems or the level of thermal integration, we are the right partner for you.