Small particles allow the opening up of complex application scenarios

Comparing the physicochemical properties of nanoparticles with those of larger particles it is evident that the former show a higher chemical reactivity and biological activity as well as an enhanced catalytic performance while having the same chemical composition. This is primarily due to the higher surface area to volume ratio. Nanoparticles are an essential element of everyday life, be it as an antibacterial substance in clothes or at the surfaces of kitchen accessories and household items, in sun lotions or foodstuff, as color pigments or in pharmaceutical products.

„We improve the quality and increase the quantity of your nanoparticles”

The more complex application scenarios are, the more urgent the demand for tailor-made and, above all, consistent product quality is getting. At the same time questions about risks for human health and environment arise. As an important player in this field we master efficient and effective continuous synthesis processes as well as state-of-the-art analytics which, in the interplay with knowledge in microbiology and surface- and boundary-layer technique, allow an adequate risk assessment.

Our expertise in continuous synthesis:

  • Use of modular reactors, for instance in liquid phase reactions,
  • rapid mixing,
  • high temperatures, for instance wet chemical synthesis at up to 400 °C,
  • temperature-controlled reaction zones,
  • integrated on-line process analytics.

Our existing portfolio of analytical procedures:

  • Electron microscopy (REM, TEM, Cryo-TEM),
  • dynamic and static light scattering,
  • analytical centrifugation,
  • optical spectroscopy (transmission, absorption, UV-VIS, fluorescence, FTIR, on-line measurement),
  • streaming- or zeta potential, respectively.
Quantum dots
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Quantum dots

Offer to our customers

Due to our long-time experience in the field of chemical micro process engineering as well as in the design and realization of continuous chemical processes in flow chemistry we are capable to confer the desired properties to your particles in a reproducible quality.

  • Scalable, continuous synthesis processes while exactly controlling process parameters like flow rate and temperature,
  • adjustable particle size and shape,
  • functionalization of particles to improve specificity and effectivity,
  • encapsulation of active components,
  • characterization of nanoparticles in liquid and solid media,
  • measurement of particle size and concentration of nanoparticles,
  • close-to-reality systems for the examination of the interaction between nanoparticles and biological material.

Regardless if you want to produce nanoparticles in high quality or you want to learn more about their properties and their risk potential, we are your competent development partner.