Energy Carrier Ammonia

Hydrogen is generally seen as a beacon of hope in efforts to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions

With regard to transport and storage, however, there are considerable hurdles to be overcome before hydrogen can be widely used as an energy carrier.
This includes either a high space requirement for storage or otherwise energetically unfavorable conditions. Although toxic in itself, ammonia can become a valid alternative allowing to easily store and transport this hydrogen.

Ammonia is already produced on a large scale in the fertilizer industry, using established processes that are very well controlled in terms of safety, and has a significantly higher degradation rate compared to oil which is important especially in maritime applications.
Starting from green hydrogen, using renewable energy sources and eliminating nitrous oxide and NOx emissions ammonia has the potential to be a truly climate friendly energy carrier. The future cost of ammonia has been projected as lower compared to alternatives such as synthetic diesel, methanol or compressed hydrogen for many mobile applications.

Offer to our customers

Our development efforts currently focus on the fields of transport, logistics and manufacturing industry. Relying on our broad expertise in system design, process simulation, catalyst development, reactor design, system control, system integration and system testing we deal with:

  • the catalytic conversion of ammonia into “Spaltgas” as flammable hydrogen containing gas in industrial processes and combustion engines
  • catalyst and microstructured reactor technology for producing pure hydrogen from green ammonia demonstrating the entire process chain from hydrogen production, gas processing and conversion to electricity in a fuel cell
  • a catalytic converter for the off-gas of an ammonia powered fuel cell containing residual hydrogen and ammonia
  • development of durable and robust catalysts for this conversion process

This includes reactor development and system prototype building.