Electrochemical Synthesis

An efficient and environmentally friendly process for industrial use

Microreactor for electrochemical synthesis
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Microreactor for electrochemical synthesis

Organic electrochemistry deals with the synthesis of organic compounds by electrochemical redox reactions. Its origin can be seen in the Kolbe-electrolysis in 1849.  Electrochemical synthesis methods have the outstanding advantage to allow reactions without "substantive" reagents, which otherwise would have to be separated in their used form from the reaction products. Because of the large oxidative and reductive potential range being directly accessible by electrochemical methods, they are in particular of great interest for industry for the production of organic compounds. Prominent examples are the production of adiponitrile, sebacic acid or esters thereof, hydroquinone, benzaldehyde, 4-aminophenol, piperidine, 2,5-dimethoxydihydrofuran, glyoxylic acid and organic fluorine compounds.

"Thanks to novel concepts for our reaction cells we increase conversion and selectivity of your process"

For nearly 20 years, we have been building electrochemical (micro)reactors for diverse applications within the framework of internal, national and European projects as well as in direct contract research for industry. Thereby, electro-organic synthesis is one of the most important areas e-reactors were designed and constructed for.

Offer to our customers

Our electrochemical reactors are based on the thin-layer cell or thin-gap cell concept. The resulting advantages are, compared to the conventional type of construction, primarily due to the small electrode spacing (in the range ≤100 μm):

  • Low ohmic resistances,
  • low energy losses,
  • short diffusion paths,
  • effective heat control,
  • homogeneous mass and power distribution,
  • greatly reduced need for conducting salt,
  • shorter residence times.

Overall, we are able to significantly increase conversion and selectivity of your reactions. When manufacturing electrochemical reactors, electrodes, cells, space holders and separators, we can rely on an extensive experience as well as a wide range of materials and a variety of sophisticated technologies and manufacturing processes.

Whether you want an existing process to become cleaner or you think about the use of an electrochemical process for the first time, together we will find a suitable solution for you.