You don’t know what to do with your energy? How about storing it? Make use of it – whenever you want to, where ever you want to.

Energy Storage

Conversion of renewable energy into methane, fuels and chemicals

Renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics and wind power increasingly generate considerable surpluses of electrical energy which may exceed the capacity of the power grid.

 „We increase the degree of efficiency of your energy generating processes.“

A surplus of electrical energy can be used for electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen. The conversion of hydrogen with carbon dioxide into methane is a promising alternative to the chemical storage of excess renewable energy. Carbon dioxide is a by-product in many industrial processes and normally has to be released into the atmosphere. To convert this greenhouse gas into methane provides a smart way to defuse its impact on the environment.


Offer to our customers

Our reactor technology allows for the improvement of the thermal management for this methanation reaction. We also work on alternative reactor concepts for the chemical storage of electrical energy based on electrochemical reactions.

Regardless if you want to improve the thermal management of an existing process or you are fundamentally interested in possibilities for saving excess energy, together we will find the right solution.