Webinar  /  July 07, 2021, 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. CET

Webinar: Power-to-chemicals – Microreactor based flow electrochemistry for sustainable syntheses

Speaker: Nils Baumgarten

The possibility to use (excess) electric current for the sustainable synthesis of chemical compounds is a building block in the ongoing energy transition to combat climate change. So, the search for „green“ synthesis routes to convert renewable generated electrical power in value added chemicals (“power-to-chemicals”) is intensifying. Accordingly, there is a demand for (novel) flexible reactor concepts that enable the development of new synthesis strategies on a laboratory scale as well as give the opportunity to approach an industry-relevant scale. Electrochemical microreactors for flow electrochemistry can play a key role in addressing this demand.

Fraunhofer IMM is developing such electrochemical microreactors that are characterized by a high surface-to-volume-ratio and a low distance between parallel-arranged electrodes. The low voltage drop and the defined flow conditions, implemented by microchannels, enable the reduction of the amount of conducting salt and lead to higher selectivites for the electrochemical reactions facilitating resource-efficient syntheses.

In the webinar the relevance of microreactor based electrochemistry, especially using flow conditions, will be pointed out. You will gain insights into the long-term expertise in the development and application of electrochemical microreactors at Fraunhofer IMM. Finally, we will present relevant research results and highlight how you can benefit from our applied research experience in the field of flow electrochemistry.