Webinar  /  May 24, 2023, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. CEST

Webinar “Catalyst development for hydrogen generation by fuel processing”

Speaker: Dr. Tobias Weissenberger

Hydrogen produced from water electrolysis powered by renewable solar or wind energy is considered to the green fuel of the future. However, the low volumetric energy density of hydrogen makes energy intensive storage at very high pressure or very low temperatures necessary.

A possible solution is the use of hydrogen carriers such as ammonia and methanol which have a much higher energy density and can be stored at or near ambient pressure. Hydrogen is then generated at site by fuel processing e.g., by steam reforming of methanol or by decomposition of ammonia.

Fraunhofer IMM offers integrated systems for hydrogen production using microstructured reactors for different hydrogen carriers. This microstructured reactor technology is optimal for decentralized hydrogen production due to its compactness, high catalyst utilization, and superior heat management.

The catalysis group at Fraunhofer IMM develops catalysts tailor-made for application in microstructured or monolithic reactors used in fuel processor systems. In the webinar, we will give an overview about the catalyst development and our expertise in catalyst synthesis, various application reactions, catalyst testing as well as deposition technologies and introduces our portfolio of long-term stable, highly active catalysts.

Further, a selection of catalysts for hydrogen generation by methanol reforming, ammonia decomposition as well as catalysts for hydrogen clean-up by preferential oxidation and SOFC off-gas treatment will be examined in greater detail.

We show you possibilities how you can benefit from our experience as an institute for applied research.

The presentation will be held in English.