Webinar  /  December 14, 2022, 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Webinar “IMM catalyst development: Custom-made catalysts for fuel reforming”

Speaker: Dr. Helmut Pennemann

Hydrogen is an essential energy carrier for managing the conversion of the global energy sector from fossil fuels to carbon-free energy sources. The extraction of hydrogen from various hydrogen carriers through catalytic conversion, called fuel processing technology, will therefore foreseeably become one of the central processes of future energy technology.

At Fraunhofer IMM, we develop reformer systems with which hydrogen carriers such as methanol, ethanol, synthetic hydrocarbons or ammonia can be used for hydrogen-based stationary and mobile energy supply. For these reformer systems, we develop catalysts and catalytic coatings for microstructures that are optimally adapted to the respective reactor type and the scale of your process.

But what makes a good catalyst for reformer systems? What makes the difference in avoiding catalyst wear-related failures of a reformer system as much as possible? What does it take to develop a stable and highly active innovative catalyst formulation for ammonia cracking or methanol reforming?

In our webinar, we will give you an insight into our expertise in the catalyst technologies we have developed and patented. We will present our portfolio of highly active and long-term stable, robust catalysts for the special application area of fuel processing technology for fuel cells. We show you possibilities how you can benefit from our experience as a facility for applied research and development with us as a partner.