Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe is a solutions-oriented forum to discuss the development of new technologies to bring hydrogen into the mainstream for stationary and mobile applications. At Hydrogen Technology Expo 2022 we will be showcasing selected developments from our Energy division.

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Visit us in hall 5 booth 7301!

Our exhibits

You can learn more about our hydrogen technologies and fuel processing topics at our booth:

  • Reformer technology
    Fuel synthesis from renewables | Catalyst development and testing | Exhaust gas treatment | Low-cost fabrication
  • Catalytic combustion
    Customized catalyst development | Based on coated catalysts | Small channel dimensions in micro structured reactors allow faster heat and mass transfer
  • Exhaust gas cleaning
    Modular and stationary exhaust gas cleaning | Low-cost fabrication | Eliminating carbon monoxide out of the reformate flow | Elimination of critical (toxic) substances out of exhaust gas flow by catalytic combustion
  • Low cost reactor production
    Laser welding | Embossing | Etching | CNC machining
  • Power-to-gas Methanation of CO2
    Compact microstructured reactors | Internally cooled plate heat-exchanger | Catalyst coatings with high catalyst activity and sulphur tolerance
  • Energy carrier ammonia
    Reactor technology for decomposition| NH3-powered fuel cell for transport | Easy storage and transportation

Our presentation

„Ammonia as a Hydrogen Source for Fuel Cell Propulsion Systems and as an Energy Carrier for Combustion Engines”
Dr. Gunther Kolb, Fraunhofer IMM
Wednesday, October 19, 2022 | 10:45 a.m.
Track 04: E-Fuels & Hydrogen Propulsion