Online  /  April 07, 2021

Webinar: IMM reactor and fuel processor technology – hydrogen from hydrogen carriers

Speaker: Dr. Christian Bidart

Hydrogen storage for its transportation and distribution is a crucial step towards a sustainable economy, which is most obvious for all kind of mobile applications. The storage of compressed or liquefied hydrogen has its drawbacks such as tank cost and losses through boil-off, which might remain unsolved in the mid to long term. Therefore alternative fuels which can serve as hydrogen carrier such as ammonia, methanol and synthetic hydrocarbons might prove to be the appropriate alternative. 

Fraunhofer IMM is developing technology for the hydrogen (re-) generation out of these materials in compact and low-cost reactors. The catalytic processes behind this are addressed by our own catalyst development. The applications we are targeting are both stationary and mobile (land transport, shipping and aviation).

As an institution for applied research and development, we prepare proof-of-concept studies for our customers, consult them in the implementation and develop prototypes together with our industrial partners.

The webinar will be held in English language.