Webinar  /  September 01, 2021, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. CET

Webinar: IMM hydrogen technologies – logistic hydrogen carriers for a sustainable future

Speaker: Jonas Schramm

Fraunhofer IMM is developing solutions for the safe and viable handling of hydrogen for mobile and stationary applications. Our technology enables an accelerated transformation towards a hydrogen based energy system by circumventing still unsolved hurdles for compressed and liquid hydrogen storage. Via utilization of synthetic hydrogen carriers such as ammonia and methanol, the high energy density of liquid fuels can be utilized for on-site hydrogen generation in a carbon neutral fashion.

Numerous applications require a smooth transition from current fossil energy sources towards more sustainable solutions. To push hydrogen usage in today’s applications, IMM also researches the hydrogen generation from logistic fuels such as natural gas and diesel. This technology grants direct hydrogen access by utilization of existing distribution systems.

The safe handling of all these fuels is a prerequisite of their applicability which is addressed through IMM’s compact reformer and fuel processor technology by small liquid and hydrogen hold-up and e.g. the flame arresting features of our unique reactor technology. Complete systems with fully automated operation through self-developed control logistics and orchestration will be presented; the individual units include fuel cells in the multi-kW range and use a variety of fuel sources.