The Hydrogen Online Workshop 2022 is a interactive workshop platform to discuss the most important issues of the hydrogen industry, as hydrogen is considered to be an important energy carrier of the future.

At Hydrogen Online Workshop 2022 we present our hydrogen technology solutions. These include our reformer systems for mobile hydrogen-based energy supply for maritime applications and land vehicles as well as power-to-gas processes such as methanization in compact microstructured reactors.

Visit our virtual booths and discuss live in chat with our experts.

Vistit our workshop on "How to process ammonia as hydrogen carrier for energy generation" with Dr. Gunther Kolb and Dr. Peter Wernig.

IMM Workshop "How to process ammonia as hydrogen carrier for energy generation"

March 3, 2022, 11:30 – 13:00 CET

Could renewable ammonia be a solution to transport and storage hydrogen before it can be widely used as a future energy carrier?


Fraunhofer IMM is developing hydrogen generation systems applying ammonia as hy-drogen carrier. While fuel cell applications require purification of the hydrogen and promise highest system efficiency, homogeneous combustion in burners or engines is possible with a mixture of ammonia, nitrogen and hydrogen. Both requires decomposi-tion of the ammonia, which is carried out with IMM self-developed catalyst technology.

Although ammonia is toxic in itself, it can be an alternative because ammonia is easier to store and transport than compressed hydrogen, and its transport in large quantities by land and sea is daily practice.

There are already established processes for the large-scale production of ammonia, which are very well controlled in terms of safety. In addition, ammonia has a much higher degradation compared to oil, which is important especially in maritime applications.