Nantes, France  /  January 24, 2024  -  January 25, 2024

Bio360 Expo 2024

Hall XXL Booth D52

Combining the converging worlds of biogas, biomass, waste-to-x, carbon capture and utilisation, carbon sequestration, the bioeconomy, Bio360 Expo is an international exhibition providing a panoramic view of all things bio-derived.

We will be showcasing our hydrogen technology solutions in power-to-gas processes at Bio360 Expo 2024 in Nantes, France. These include our application-oriented developments in methanation in compact microstructured reactors.

Visit us at the German Pavilion organized by the DLG in hall XXL booth D52.

Our Lecture

Catalytic CO₂ methanation - Challenges and opportunities for the biogas industry in Germany

Who: Dr. Christian Bidart (Fraunhofer IMM)
When: Wednesday, January 24, 2023 | 3:45 p.m.
Where: Session „Power-to-methane technology: producing synthetic methane from biogenic CO₂“  |  Track „Methan Synthese” | Room “Green Gas”
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