Chiral analytics as the final stage of your complex chemical synthesis

Your advantages

  • Minimized investments for precise analytics as we have the lab and the equipment!
  • Various methods and experts available at our site.
  • Comprehensive analytical equipment in our Fraunhofer network.
Sample vials for analysis
© Fraunhofer IMM
Sample vials for analysis

Our services

Snail shells - chirality in nature
© Fleischturbine/Pixabay
Snail shells - chirality in nature
  • A toolbox of modern technologies for chiral analytics:
    • GC-FID
    • GC-MS
    • LC-MS
    • HPLC
    • Benchtop-NMR
  • Analytical method development: Rent a scientist and our machines for precise chiral analytics!
  • Interested in other analytical methodologies? There are plenty of tools available, e.g. FT-IR, UV-Vis, Raman, AFM, REM, EDX, cryo-TEM, surface profilometer, …