Plant Development

Compact plants for the intensification of continuous chemical and thermal processes

Microreactors and -devices allow to increase the economic efficiency and to intensify continuous chemical and thermal processes. Furthermore, they permit an improved control over exothermic reaction or process conditions, respectively. Interconnecting microreactors and -devices in process systems allows very compact plants which are predestinated for decentralized applications in chemical and energy technology. Taking into account the use of renewable energies and resources for the storage of energy and for the production of fuels as application field, our development work contributes to a sustainable use and utilization of resources in urban systems organized in a decentralized way. Our services in plant development comprise in general the whole chain from simulation, CAD design via method and process development, basic engineering and detailed engineering up to the provision of components, assembly and initial operation. Partial coverage of the entire chain is also possible of course.  Risk assessment and safety-related considerations are integral part of all our development work. Besides the actual process equipment including tooling and auxiliary stock we are able to develop the entire measuring, control and regulating technology (BoP - Balance of Plant). Complete solutions made of system components manufactured by ourselves characterize our plant developments. Bearing in mind all customer requests the development takes place in close contact with the operators and users. At any time we are open to new concepts.

Your advantage

  • Optionally integration of the plants into an existing plant periphery or as all-in-one-system in 20‘ to 40‘ containers,
  • plant development from miniplant technology up to pilot scale,
  • energy turnover up to the megawatt range can be realized,
  • plants for gaseous, liquid as well as supercritical fluids and mixtures can be developed,
  • reaction conditions from cryogenic to high temperature at pressures of up to 400 bar feasible,
  • well-positioned network of business partners and service providers, that can be involved in the development work on demand.

Our success factors

  • Recourse to a profound wealth of experience from more than 15 years of development services,
  • handling of complex projects in cooperation with many partners is a matter of course,
  • interdisciplinary team for plant engineering comprising engineers, scientists and technicians in the disciplines chemical process engineering, chemical engineering, measuring, regulation and control systems, construction and manufacturing.

With that in mind we are able to operate in many fields of energy and chemical technology. Our developments are preferably used in the sectors exhaust gas treatment, air-conditioning, automotive industry, aerospace, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, energy supply and plant engineering.

Typical questions

  • Air-conditioning technology for mobile and decentralized stationary applications,
  • systems for exhaust gas treatment,
  • hydrogen generation of fuel cell systems (reformer technology),
  • decentralized fuel synthesis based on renewable feedstock,
  • chemical and electrochemical storage for renewable energy,
  • safety-related systems based on catalytic combustion,
  • synthesis of fine and special chemicals as well as pharmaceutical ingredients,
  • photochemistry,
  • heterogeneously catalyzed organic reactions,
  • synthesis of reactive intermediates (such as Grignard reagents),
  • nanoparticle synthesis.
Icefuel plant
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Biodiesel test plant
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Icefuel test plant
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