Excellence in microfluidic system development for analytics

The use of microfluidics and the related system technology for the handling of liquid quantities from the micro- to picoliter range, the so called lab-on-a-chip technology, resulted in significant progress with respect to the development of efficient analysis methods and, thus, has revolutionized lab technology. The combination of high sensitivity and resolution combined with shorter analysis times and high throughput makes lab-on-a-chip technology interesting for the user.

As a pioneer in this field, we are developing microfluidic systems as well as novel sensing methods for chemical analytics and life science applications for more than 20 years. In doing so, we use innovative physicochemical methods and implement automated and optimized workflows. We understand a fully integrated analysis system as a combination of mass producible microfluidic components (often injection molded cartridges) and the related operating device enabling miniaturized and portable system solutions for novel laboratory or on-site applications.  Based on your individual demand we develop tailor-made and automated system solutions for you, significantly exceeding the state-of-the-art. Our technologies and our know-how open up numerous advantages compared to standard analyses and offer a unique access to the complete technology chain to you. Knowing all the applicable regulations (e.g. IVD, CE and machinery directive), the availability of essential manufacturing methods on-site as well as application labs being equipped to high excellence ensure that all aspects of feasibility later on are appropriately considered at any time.

Your advantage

  • Increased reproducibility by eliminating application errors,
  • increase of throughput due to faster measurements reducing reagent consumption,
  • opening up of measurements (on-site or in-line) which were not feasible before,
  • integrated data analysis and transfer.

Our success factors

  • Thorough analysis of the tasks taking into account all relevant biological, chemical and physical aspects,
  • transfer of the results into a “microfluidic circuit diagram” for the cartridge, where appropriate, including the interface for sample collection, integrated sample preparation and the required sensors,
  • design of the system supported by numerical simulation and construction via 3D CAD,
  • use of methods transferable to mass production (injection molding, laser welding, pick and place, ultrasonic welding, lyophilization of reagents, etc.) for the fabrication and assembly of the microfluidic cartridge,
  • development, construction and fabrication of a dedicated device including electronics and software,
  • biological, chemical and electromechanical validation of the entire systems under real conditions.

Typical application areas

  • Automated laboratory measurement instrumentation,
  • process and quality control for industrial production processes,
  • life science applications / medical diagnostics,
  • food safety / environmental monitoring / protection against biological hazards.
Disposable microfluidic chip
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