Electronic and Software Engineering

Increasing the functional scope of modern analysis systems

Integrated software and microelectronics are integral parts of modern analysis and control systems. While developing new products or advancing existing systems it is of advantage when control hard- and software match the status of the final product already at demonstrator level. We accompany you during the entire development process, starting from the conception phase via layout and design up to the integration and fabrication of individual systems. Doing so, we offer different hardware solutions independently if we are dealing with control or analysis systems being connected to a personal computer via USB or with stand-alone systems comprising an integrated user interface. Depending on the range of functions we use either so called bare-metal micro controller systems or integrated Linux systems.

Your advantage

  • Short development times,
  • saving of costs during the development process due to facilitated predictability and system integration,
  • increased performance and robustness of the system,
  • prototyping up to smallest batch series,
  • entry or exit points at every stage of development process,
  • support during the transfer from demonstrator level to mass production.

Our success factors

  • Long-term experience in the execution of interdisciplinary development projects,
  • more than ten years of practical experience in software and hardware development,
  • continuous development of proprietary circuit modules to rapidly achieve a functional design.

For carrying out the work we have a stencil printer at our disposal allowing to apply the soldering paste for SMT assembly, a pick and place system for SMT assembly of passive components up to BGA components, a reflow soldering furnace for circuit boards up to 300 x 230 mm and a soldering system for assembly of THT components. Optical inspections are performed using microscopes and 3D microscopy.

Typical application examples

  • Development of integrated control systems for lab-, analysis-, and measuring instruments,
  • development of partial circuits or, respectively, subcomponents for existing systems,
  • transfer of electronic circuits into 3D models for an implementation into the mechanical construction,
  • lab automation of existing systems, also in combination with new developments,
  • assembly of printed circuit boards of prototypes and smallest batch series,
  • software development for embedded systems using C/C++ as well as for lab automation using  LabVIEW and C/C++,
  • software development for evaluation systems in cooperation with our simulation team.
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