Online  /  May 05, 2021

Webinar: Effective encapsulation of liquids and solids: from batch to continuous flow production

Speaker: Dr. Anna Musyanovych

One of the great benefits of encapsulation technology is that it enables protection, targeting, and improvement of the reactive functions of encapsulated compounds. Although numerous techniques are available to encapsulate active agents, one of the major challenges remaining in micro- and nanoencapsulation is to achieve a reproducible and constant product quality, especially at the industrial scale. This is valid - with gra-dations - to all fields of application, such as coatings, cosmetics, agriculture, food and medicine.

Emulsion-based encapsulation technology is a versatile process for pro-ducing a wide range of functional polymeric micro- and nanocapsules from various synthetic and natural monomers or polymers.

At Fraunhofer IMM, we have developed and are successfully applying microprocess engineering and continuous processing for the encapsulation of hydrophilic / hydrophobic liquids and dispersions of inorganic nanoparticles. Capsules with an average size between 50 nm and 1-20 µm with the customized properties can reliably be obtained in a continuous flow.

During this webinar Dr. Anna Musyanovych, head of Micro- and Nano-particle Engineering group at Fraunhofer IMM, will provide insight into:

  • Different micro- / nanoencapsulation techniques and materials that can be processed
  • Examples of encapsulation through emulsion and stabilization technology
  • Microstructured devices, developed at Fraunhofer IMM, for con-tinuous encapsulation up to industrial scale
  • Factors influencing the encapsulation efficiency
  • Our service portfolio and how can we work together?

The webinar will be held in English language.